Seamless scale-up up to your desired volumes

Scale-up through parallelization

Microfluidic emulsification is broadly used in research labs, but scaling up of the production was not possible in the past. Emultech has developed a very robust way to increase the microfluidic emulsification throughputs through robust parallelization of channels, removing the previously existing bottle neck. Compared to the scale-up of emulsification with conventional manufacturing methods, the scale-up of microfluidic emulsification through parallelization has a huge advantage. It does not require new optimization with every increase in scale, which significantly shortens the development timelines.

Robust continous production

Emultech has developed unique chips where up to 100 microfluidic channels are working in parallel. With the help of our model stable production regimes are determined upfront, allowing for continuos and consistent production of emulsion droplets between and within batches. The droplet formation is continuously monitored for real-time quality control. A demonstration of the quality and consistency of the production from beginning to end of a batch is shown below.

D10 D50 D90 Span
Day 0 41.9 43.4 46.4 0.103
Day 14 40.7 43.6 48.4 0.178


Next step: (clinical) production

The next step in the process is (clinical) production.

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