Partnering with Emultech

Emultech actively seeks partnering and collaboration opportunities to rapidly develop and launch improved and innovative products. Every day we create new sustained release products in partnership with pharma, biotech, medical device and academic institutions.

Whether as a microspheres’ solutions provider, product development collaborator or joint venture partner, Emultech adds value and speed to your product ideas. Different structures of license and development agreements are possible depending on your needs and preferences. Contact us to see what works best for you.

Why partner with Emultech?

  • Patented solutions add protection for your product
  • Experts in controlled release, mono-disperse microspheres of all types & sizes
  • Full range of services in formulation, development and manufacturing
  • The only continuous and scalable microfluidics system

Emultech’s proprietary modelling process rapidly defines the best parameters to meet your target product profile (TPP) and our infrastructure supports not only initial feasibility, but all subsequent development phases, including manufacture and supply of animal and clinical trial (GMP) batches and technology transfer if required.


Contact us now to arrange for a rapid evaluation of your formulation. Interested in meeting Emultech?  Check out our Media page to see where you can find us    next.

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