Modeling assisted transfer of your formulation to microfluidic emulsification

When translating your formulation, our model enables a measure and make principle instead of trial and error, ensuring shortest development times and high batch-to-batch consistency and easy scale-up

Our capabilities

  • Broad range of polymers
  • Oil-in-water emulsification of hydrophobic polymers
  • Water-in-oil emulsification of hydrophilic polymers
  • Sizes ranging from nano to hundreds of microns
  • Modelling assisted formulation assessment
  • Stable production
  • High encapsulation efficiencies
  • Encapsulation of small and large (proteins) molecules
  • Tunable particle properties (size, cross-linking, release)

Sized to Perfection

Below are some examples of microspheres and hydrospheres produced with our technology platform

Next step: pre-clinical

The next step in the process is pre-clinical.

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