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Emultech is a high tech company that helps pharmaceutical organisations with more efficient drug delivery, in order to contribute to a better quality of life. We specialise in microsphere development using microencapsulation in microfluidics.



Harrie van Baars


Emultech has a unique solution to produce micro particles on a large scale and under GMP conditions. After serving in ‘Big Pharma’ for 20 years in general management, I now focus on bringing new life science technologies to the market, which is my specialty.

There are few innovations that have such great potential to change pharmaceutical production processes as Emultech.

Imagine: “Produce your predesigned microspheres continuously and with exceptionally high yields.”


Marion Timmermans

Management Director

I am responsible for the financial and commercial management of Emultech. My added value consists of building new collaborations between you & Emultech and strengthening existing customer relationships. Striving to optimise and accelerate the growth of Emultech and to strengthen its position in the market is what brings me great fulfilment.

Emultech allows you to take control over your product and your process!

Imagine: “Medicines that are affordable for everyone."


Tom Derks

Product Manager

At Emultech, I focus mainly on customer support and training, research and development of our equipment and supply chain. I work in an international environment with innovative technology.

We are working on the first GMP ready system for microfluidic emulsification on industrial scale. We have experience in producing uniform micropheres and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Imagine: “Our technology helping all pharmaceuticals worldwide.”


Linda Nouwens

Management Assistent

I am responsible for the administration, HR and finance within Emultech. I make sure non-technical tasks are taken care of to make sure my team can contribute optimally to our business objectives. Emultech consists of talented, hard-working people. Our technology could change the world.

Imagine: “Using high-end devices to create your own unique droplets."


Ferdi van der Weijden


I help to streamline operations and processes at the lab by preparing and performing experiments for clients, improving production methods and maintaining supplies.

While Emultech is a relatively small company, it has a widespread network of clients and a big passion to help all of them. 

Imagine: "Producing customized and highly uniform particles."