Emultech at the 2023 Microsphere Summit

Please join Emultech at the 2023 Microsphere Summit in Liverpool, UK on 29th & 30th March! 

The Microsphere Summit is designed to highlight best practice and advancements in technology in the field of Long Acting Release (LAR) injectable drug development and production. If features presentations from leading industry experts, knowledge exchange, practical workshops and case studies.  

Emultech will be both presenting and leading a workshop to showcase the latest advances for the production of mono-dispersed depot injectables of both small AND large molecules using microfluidics at scale! 

If you’d like to meet with our team, please join our Workshop, or send a message to either info@emultech.nl or directly to me: scott.fleming@emultech.nl and we’ll set up a time to meet.  

We hope to see you there!

Emultech Presentations – Day One

Tuning your sustained release with microfluidics Microsphere creation by microfluidics: from feasibility to clinical scale in one step

Emultech Workshop 2 – Day Two

Microsphere Creation by Microfluidics

View the full event guide here:  https://powdersystems.com/microsphere-summit-2023/