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New Brand Emultech

During the second Emultech Demonstration Day, we launched our new brand. The logo, visual style and website were designed to communicate what we stand for: a professional high tech company, a technology that is dependable, and products that trigger your imagination.

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First Demonstration Day

The first Emultech Demonstration Day on Microfluidic Encapsulation was organized in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on 6 April. Over fifty people from industry came along to experience a demonstration of microfluidic encapsulation with the Emultech Lab first hand.

The second Demonstration Day will take place on September 21st, in Oss (The Netherlands).

EmulTech and Avivia Enter Collaboration

30 January 2017

The collaboration will combine EmulTech's innovative technology with Avivia's expertise in complex drug reformulation, to deliver solutions for today's increasing request from pharmaceutical companies. Both companies encounter customers with complex product ideas, who are hitting a wall. Whether it being a new product or reformulation product, life cycle management or generics plus. Teaming up with Avivia was a natural step, as EmulTech was looking to strengthen its offering to its customer and Avivia was looking to do the same.

Developing new strategies for cancer drug delivery, in Denmark and at Duke

January 12, 2017

Duke MEMS researcher's five-year, $6-million appointment as a Niels Bohr Professor in Odense Denmark creates a vibrant center for research, launches new collaborations back at Duke

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Watch our new instruction video of the 

Emultech D

14 november, 2016

Watch our new instruction video of the Emultech D.

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2nd Annual Complex Formulations Symposium 2016

EmulTech and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) hosted this year´s 2nd Annual Complex Formulations Symposium September 15th, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The event was opened and chaired by Carmen van Vilsteren, director of TU/e Strategic Area Health. The goal of this event was to share advancements of new biological and health related technologies, developments and manufacturing.

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EmulTech's new cooperation(Dutch)

July 5, 2016

Read about EmulTech's new cooperation with Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven and Fontys TNW!

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EmulTech featured by Bioencapsulation Research Group

February 10, 2016

Microfluidic encapsulation is used for the development of Sustained Release Microspheres.

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EmulTech featured in OnDrugDelivery

January 15, 2016

Ophthalmic drug delivery is a growing field of interest in the drug delivery industry. EmulTech's unique capabilities offer great advantages in the development of ophthalmics!

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EmulTech's Youtube Channel

October 12, 2015

For your convenience, EmulTech collected and uploaded its movies and animations to the

EmulTech Youtube Channel.

Poster presentation ECIS

September 24, 2015

Scale up from single micro droplets to microfluidic scale up production is successful after characterization of single particles to determine the optimal process window.

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How to extend your patent life

June 24, 2015

EmulTech offers pharmaceutical companies a unique opportunity in life cycle management of originator drug products by providing a platform for Next Generation Drug Product development.

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Take process uncertainty out of the equation

June 11, 2015

EmulTech's INFINITY platform provides unique process understanding allowing for high reproducibility in development and during scale up.

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Meet EmulTech at Achema

May 30, 2015

Meet with EmulTech at the Achema event in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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INFINITY user base keeps growing!

May 15, 2015

Another undisclosed global ophthalmics company has adopted the INFINITY platform for its drug delivery development program.

EmulTech in Bits & Chips and Technisch Weekblad

March 17, 2015

The magazines Bits & Chips and Technisch Weekblad recently published about EmulTech and the INFINITY platform.

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Ophthalmic Delivery with INFINITY

March 3, 2015

Drug product developers continue to demand more controlled manufacturing techniques, especially for the most challenging target of drug delivery: the eye. At EmulTech, we experience the growing interest in delivery of active ingredients to the eye, also known as ocular or ophthalmic delivery.

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EmulTech in Technisch Weekblad (in Dutch)

February 12, 2015

The Dutch technology magazine wrote about EmulTech and the INFINITY platform.

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INFINITY adopted by ChemConnection

February 4, 2015

The INFINITY platform has a new user! The Oss-based CRO, ChemConnection, added the unique microfluidic platform to its range of capabilities.

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INFINITY pushes scientific boundaries

January 28, 2015

EmulTech is proud to announce the University of Antwerp acquired the INFINITY system for a four-year research program to push the boundaries in micro-particle based drug delivery research.

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Leading Medtech Company Acquires INFINITY system

January 20, 2015

Leading Medtech Company Acquires INFINITY system for Development of Next-Generation Medical Devices.

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EmulTech and SPSE collaboration successful!

January 16, 2015

EmulTech launches INFINITY. Extremely precise medicine delivery possible thanks to new type of production machine!

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August 28, 2014

EmulTech launches INFINITY on August 28th 2014. Extremely precise medicine delivery possible thanks to new type of production machine!

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EmulTech Featured in Developments in Producing Microspheres

April 17, 2014

Microencapsulation is a promising drug delivery technology in which APIs are encapsulated with a natural or synthetic material that targets delivery by controlling the API's release.

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EmulTech in IPT Autumn edition

October 17, 2013

Microfluidics is recognised as one of the most promising solutions for micro-encapsulation in the pharmaceutical industry, and the micro-channel cross-intersection design is of particular interest.

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EmulTech closes investment round

June 28, 2013

EmulTech has closed its first investment round with the early stage investors InvestInFuture, Midtop and VIP Fund.

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EmulTech in C2W (Dutch)

December 9, 2012

EmulTech commits microfluidics to produce drug delivery systems.

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