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EmulTech is a high tech company that helps pharmaceutical organizations with more efficient drug

delivery, in order to contribute to a better quality of life. We specialize in microsphere development

using microencapsulation in microfluidics. For this, EmulTech develops the INFINITY product line,

which helps researchers and product developers creating controlled microencapsulated drug

samples for research and for production.


Robin de Bruijn, Founder and CEO

My passion is to transform EmulTech to be able to serve the world's best pharmaceutical professionals with cutting edge microfluidic technology. I'm motivated by the next generation of medication that will be researched, developed, and manufactured with our products. My goal is to set up an organization that takes leadership, realizes these products, and becomes the most trusted partner in manufacturing.

Imagine… “Our technology helping in life-saving medicine”


Marion Timmermans, Managing Director

My role within EmulTech is the financial and commercial management of the company. My added value consists of building new collaborations between you & EmulTech and strengthening existing customer relationships. Striving to optimize and accelerate the growth of EmulTech and to strengthen its position in the market is what brings me great fulfillment.

Imagine… “Medicine that are affordable for everyone”


Tom Derks, Product Manager

I provide a smooth delivery of our products, the INFINITY Lab and INFINITY Mini. Also, I take care of the training, service, and the development of these products. I enjoy working EmulTech because of the innovative products we develop. EmulTech brings me the possibility to work on wide range of tasks, in an international environment.

Imagine… “Our technology helping all pharmaceuticals worldwide”


Linda Nouwens, Management Assistant

I support the director in administration, HR and finance. EmulTech is a fast growing company that exists of talented, hard-working people. I love being in the center of it all, making the non-technical aspects of EmulTech efficient and contributing to business objectives.

Imagine… “A well-functioning team creating the best technology”


Linda van de Ven, Marketing & Communications Advisor

Reputation and visibility, via the newsletter, website, media, or otherwise - that's what I do. I work freelance for EmulTech and love it, because of its purpose: improving people's lives.

Imagine… “Healthier and happier people"


Olivier van Duuren, Marketing & Communications Support

My role is to assist in marketing and communication. I manage the website, social media, and produce online videos. Also, I am the primary contact person online. Gaining customer´s trust and contributing to the image of EmulTech are what I like most about my job.

Imagine… “Being approachable and trustworthy for every customer"