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EmulTech company

EmulTech is a formulation development and technology company dedicated to the innovative formulation of drug delivery systems for (bio)molecules, that expand the delivery, bioavailabilty, and efficacy of (bio)pharmaceuticals.

We are founded in 2009 as spin out from TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Our current facilities at Brainport Eindhoven, The Netherlands, employ 6 FTE and is financed by two STW Valorization grants, an Eurostars program, diverse AgentschapNL programs, Rabobank start-up support, and Incubator3+ support.

EmulTech currently offers the technology platform ET4ME (Emulsion Technology for Micro Encapsulation). This patented microfluidic technology answers today’s market demands for uniformity, solubility, tailored release, benign processes and reproducibility.