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Stallergenes is a European biopharmaceutical company specialized in the treatment of severe respiratory allergies with allergen immunotherapy. Stallergenes is recognized as the world leader in this area. Since 2003, the company is committed to the Stalair® development program, creating a new therapeutic class that covers 80% of respiratory allergies. These sublingual allergen immunotherapy tablets are registered as product specialties with properties documented in accordance with the Evidence Based Medicine requirements.

Stallergenes' goal is to manage patients suffering from a severe form of respiratory allergy which is poorly controlled by symptomatic treatments and offer them an effective solution for treating and controlling their disease.

Every year, almost 500.000 patients benefit from laboratory treatments, which curb progress of the disease.

Innovation is part of the Stallergenes heritage. To meet the needs of patients, Stallergenes calls on its specific know-how and an unwavering commitment to R&D with over 20% of sales ploughed back in every year.

The group began developing a major therapeutic solution in 1992: treatment by the sublingual route (solutions for application under the tongue).
Today, Stallergenes is pushing ahead once more by proposing an immunotherapy treatment by tablets for facilitated management of patients. Registered as proprietary medicinal products, these treatments represent a new therapeutic class.

A key player on its market, Stallergenes has set itself the goal of working alongside healthcare professionals to advance management of severe respiratory allergies and achieve long-term improvements in quality of life for allergic patients.

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