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Business model

ET4ME is applicable in a wide variety of applications and therapeutic areas. We out-license our technology to partners who hold the leading position in their therapeutic area in order to develop an application platform. The licensing process with EmulTech knows the following phases:

Early Stage Review >> Together with our partner we will evaluate the proposed application platform. This stage will identify among others the commercial potential of the field, the added value of ET4ME, the role of the partners and other related aspects such as therapeutic area, compounds, administration routes and the like.

Legal agreements for further assessment >> Prior to starting any R&D work we get the required legal agreements in place that takes care of the use of material and distribution of future intellectual property that may be generated during the project. It will also deal with the rights on background IP upon successful continuation of the project.

Research and Development testing >> In order to identify the required development activities EmulTech will conduct a Feasibility study. This study will give an estimation of the expected amount of work and time required to successfully complete a development program.

Research license >> After successful completion of the R&D testing phase we will draw up the terms and condition of the research license in close co-operation with our partner in order to come to a win-win situation.

Full Scale development project >> During the full scale development project we will provide both product development as well as process development. Product development focuses on developing the drug delivery system up to clinical trials. The actual testing and cGMP production can be done by our trusted partners presented under the partner section.

Process development focuses on production system development that meet the pharmaceutical requirements in terms of aseptic production, validation and production volumes. Throughout the collaboration period EmulTech will scale the technology from single channel devices to multi channel systems ready for market volumes.

Market license and production >> Once the full scale development project is completed successfully EmulTech will provide a market license and transfers the production system to the licensee’s designated site. EmulTech is able to continue to provide production system support.

For more information about doing business with EmulTech please contact our business developer.

Marion Timmermans (M.Sc.)
+31 40 751 6162