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Advisory board

Prof. dr. ir. Jaap C. Schouten is professor in Chemical Reactor Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) since 1998. He is head of the laboratory of Chemical Reactor Engineering.

Dr. ir. John van der Schaaf is an assistant professor in the group of Prof. dr. ir. J.C. Schouten since March 2003. Currently, he coaches PhD-students working on hydrodynamics and multiphase flow in microreactors and centrifugal systems.

Prof. dr. Wim Hennink is professor of Pharmaceutical Polymer in the Department of Pharmaceutics at the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences. Since 1997 he heads the Department of Pharmaceutics. His expertise in biodegradable polymers for drug delivery systems has proven most valuable in formulation work.

Dr. Leo de Leede has over 25 years experience in various R&D functions at different pharmaceutical companies such as Organon, Octoplus and Yamanouchi Europe. He currently runs Exelion Bio-Pharmaceutical Consultancy BV. His hands-on approach has proven most valuable for the company.

Drs. Floris Croon is a founder of the Boer & Croon Group, a leading strategy & management group in the Netherlands. In his 30 year career he gained valuable business experience and insights that help EmulTech.