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EmulTech ET4ME

Emulsion Technology for Micro Encapsulation, ET4ME, is a highly versatile technology based on a microfluidic process. The features presented below ensure that you will be able to develop, cost efficiently and in a timely manner, products with a better therapeutic effect, less side effects and better patient compliance.

ET4ME differentiates itself from other particle formation processes on the following aspects:
  • ET4ME is based on measurable parameters. Particle formation now becomes a measure-and-make process and is no longer trial-and-error.
  • ET4ME is compatible with various APIs, ranging from small molecules to complex biomolecules.
  • ET4ME results in highly uniform products. Each particle is formed individually in the same manner, leading to uniform size, loading and morphology.
  • ET4ME is highly batch-to-batch consistent. Droplet formation is based on a physical process, so fixed process parameters give fixed product characteristics.
  • ET4ME is highly reproducible during scale up. Mass parallelization is possible to upscale to large volumes, while maintaining the fixed product characteristics. Know-how and technology is available in-house to develop to full-scale production plants.
  • ET4ME is a closed system. As a result degradation by air/oxygen can be eliminated.
  • ET4ME easily produces particles aseptic. Inline filtration in the closed system ensures a sterile process. Also, Smart process design ensures easy cleaning of the system.
  • ET4ME is a static system, there are no moving parts. Therefore, the system doesn’t inflict high temperatures or high shear on fragile and precious components. It also makes the system very reliable and stable in operation.