About EmulTech

EmulTech makes reproducible microparticle formation easy. The company is dedicated to the translation of micro particle concepts into production processes.

EmulTech offers services and equipment for early laboratory development as well as scaled equipment for clinical development and full scale manufacturing.

Ophthalmic Delivery with INFINITY

Drug product developers continue to demand more controlled manufacturing techniques, especially for the most challenging target of drug delivery: the eye. At EmulTech, we experience the growing interest in delivery of active ingredients to the eye, also known as ocular or ophthalmic delivery. Why are our customers so adamant to get access to industry’s most sophisticated microparticle tool?

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Meet us

Global DDF Summit / February 9th - 11th / Düsseldorf, Germany

18th Micro-encapsulation Industrial Convention / April 22nd - 24th / Eindhoven, The Netherlands